Since its reopening in 2019 after extensive redevelopment, Lake Titiwangsa Park has become one of Kuala Lumpur’s favorite recreation places. Visitors include all segments of the population, including the less able, the various income groups, adults and children of all ages.

The park is open daily between 6am and 10pm.

PAM members, including Corporate, Graduate, Student and Academic members, are invited to set up pavilions that would engage with the public near the performance stage area (Astaka) at Lake Titiwangsa Park as part of the festival. Teams are encouraged.

Exceptional specialists may be invited to participate. Acceptance of participation would be based on the sketches submitted. When accepted, the participant will be informed of the specific location of the pavilion.

The criteria for selection are:
1. Creativity and Novelty
2. “Suitability”
3. Quality of experience
4. Low carbon footprint
5. Easily dismantled and disposable

The number of pavilions accepted for the exhibition is 20 (twenty).

The event is partnered with DBKL.

Interested participants may wish to visit an existing example in the park, entitled, “The Temple of Togetherness” located near the elevated walkway (Laluan Banjaran Titiwangsa). Participants are not limited by this example.

A graphic map of lake Titiwangsa Park is attached.



The competition timeline shall be as follows:

Announcement 01.03.2024
Brief to participants 29.02.2024
Registration deadline 15.03.2024
Submission of sketches (PAM Centre) 31.03.2024 at 5PM
Selection 07.04.2024
Notice of successful participants 10.04.2024
Preparation April/May 2024
Installation 15.05.2024 – 30.05.2024
Exhibition 01.06.2024 – 15.12.2024
Dismantling and removal 15.12.2024 – 31.12.2024

*The PAM Committee reserves the right to amend or change this schedule without prior notice.


DBKL Representative

PAM President or nominee

KLAF Director

Prominent architect

Prominent public person


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